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Financial Support

DePaul and Company, has, over the last 10 years, through its Proprietary relationship with it financial partners, established a strong commercial relationship with qualified Lenders, AAA Insurance Companies, Currency Traders, major Money Center Banks and accredited Investment Entities.

Through these relationships, DePaul and Company has access to certain credit lines that can be utilized for Non-Recourse funding, for the specific purpose of bank investments, which will then produce profits for project development.

This program utilizes Operable Bank Instruments, such as a SBLC, Sovereign Guarantee , Bank Guarantee or Cash Funds. In all cases, the primary focus is on asset protection. This means that the asset is full protected, won’t be called and in some cases, can be held by the issuing bank, and blocked via a Swift MT760 or MT799.

Our Proprietary relationships and our specific transactions provides an investor the full protection of the asset and allows for project funding on a Non-Recourse basis.

Our financial group works in all areas of private funds sourcing. Since our group is placed in all key financial markets worldwide, we have access to a vast amount of options. Please contact us at our team will contact you within 24 hours.