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Sustainable Advantage


The demand has skyrocketed for knowledgeable green building practitioners because people demand energy efficient, environmentally friendly homes and buildings. Commercial and residential owners directly benefit from green building practices by reducing energy dependence and maintenance costs.

For this reason, DePaul & Company has obtained Commercial Environmental Certification through Green Advantage®. Our staff is trained and certified practitioners in sustainable building practices and continually demonstrates their knowledge in “Green Building” techniques from design and material selection to their use and disposal. We understand the necessity of our clients to acquire LEED® project certification.

Green Advantage® Certification is designed to be a non-competitive, complementary offering that supports LEED Accreditation. Selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through a competitive grant process, Green Advantage develops and delivers a training and Certification program for building-related professionals.

If your company is looking for a Certified General Contractor who has demonstrated knowledge of green building principles and practices, please give us a call.

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