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Safety in all DePaul and Company operations is not just a corporate goal, it's a requirement.

We are committed to providing all employees with a safe working environmental free from recognized hazards and to protect life, health and property. To this end, we have implemented an OSHA Program which outlines specific responsibility, accountability and safety practices to help us achieve our Zero Tolerance goal.

DePaul and Company is committed to carrying out our mission of accident prevention and risk management.

DePaul and Company’s managers and supervisors understand the importance of pre-planning, especially when it comes to matters of safety and risk management. Site specific job safety programs are implemented for all projects, regardless of the complexity, and work sites are reviewed to meet requirements. In addition, we are working towards having all members of our management team OSHA 30 certified be the end of 2009.

Highlights of our Program include:

  • Commitment and involvement by senior leadership.
  • Training and Education for all employees.
  • Zero Tolerance for unsafe and prohibited practices.